Case studies

Lasst euch nicht K.O.-Tropfen und helft mit, dass Freundinnen, Freunde und Bekannte über K.O.-Tropfen Bescheid wissen. Erfahrungsberichte können helfen, Erlebtes einzuordnen.

Julia is from a small town in Saxony and moved to Berlin a few weeks ago to live with her boyfriend. She only has a few exams left until she graduates from university. At a party in her home town, she meets a young man with whom she has a lively chat. She is not interested in more, as she is faithful to her boyfriend in Berlin. It's getting late and Julia is having a good time. Later ... more

On a weekend Lisa goes to a big party in a famous club with some of her girlfriends. Lisa drinks two glasses of bubbly. After midnight, she realises that she's feeling weird, dazed and somehow not herself. She reassures her friends that she's fine and heads out on her own to the S-Bahn station, a 10-minute walk away ... more

Anika is from Denmark and often spends weekends in Berlin staying with friends. That evening she meets a friend at a bar in Berlin's Mitte district. They drink cocktails at the bar. He goes to have a dance in the dance floor, and when comes back after half an hour, Anika is nowhere to be found. He is puzzled, waits for her for a while and then finds her bag under the bar ... more