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Off the rails

Being raped under date rape drugs or having that suspicion constitute exceptional circumstances and are extremely traumatising emotionally and physically. The state of shock often lasts far after you have recovered physically. Additionally, the uncertainty about what exactly happened is often distressing and exhausting.

You might feel completely off the rails. You might not feel like yourself, might feel insecure, anxious, abandoned and directionless. Some experience nightmares or trouble sleeping. Unfortunately, some friends and family may react inappropriately and show little sympathy and understanding, or they might expect you to get over it quickly.

Counselling centres can help

You can find help at counselling centres for women such as LARA and helplines for women (Frauennotrufe). The women who work there are trained in helping victims of rape with the psychological and emotional stress. Nobody will question your words here on principle. These centres and helplines know about date rape drugs and will offer you help and support in dealing with doctors, police and can put you in touch with a female lawyer.

Here is a list of links with addresses and contact information of such institutions in Berlin.

If you feel like the police or other institutions are not taking you seriously or treating you in an inappropriate manner, organisations that help crime victims such as Weißer Ring can help you.