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Hurt or unconscious? Get medical help!

You should see an emergency doctor or go to the nearest emergency room
immediately if you were unconscious or are hurt. The doctors there are bound to
professional secrecy. Tell them that you suspect having been raped or abused under date rape drugs.

Examination and documentation

Ask for the injuries to be documented, for pap smears to be taken and for blood and urine to be tested for the substances used as date rape drugs. Be aware, however, that this is not a standard insurance benefit and will be done (or not) at your doctor's discretion.

Not all medical labs can test for the substances in question; the forensic medicine institute in charge should come in then. In Berlin this is the Charité Institute for Forensic Medicine ( Rechtsmedizin der Charité).

Again, it is important to not wash or shower before a medical exam and gathering of evidence.

Why a medical exam?

  • Even if you don't go to an emergency room or are not sure if you want to press charges, you should see a gynaecologist within 24 hours in order to:tend to injuries
  • get tested and treated for sexually transmitted diseases and sexually
    transmitted infections
  • learn about the possibility of getting tested for HIV
  • get a prescription for the morning after pill (emergency contraception) if
  • be able to document traces and examination results which will be crucial
    evidence should you decide to go to the police (this is however not a standard insurance benefit).