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Lisa, trainee (17)

On a weekend Lisa goes to a big party in a famous club with some of her girlfriends. One of them is celebrating her birthday and Lisa drinks two glasses of bubbly – she cannot afford to buy more drinks anyway.

Suddenly out of it

After midnight, she realises that she's feeling weird, dazed and somehow not herself. She collapses and comes to a few moments later. Her friends lead her outside to recover and get some fresh air.Soon she feels better and decides to go home, thinking that today is just not her day. She reassures her friends that she's fine and heads out on her own to the S-Bahn station, a 10-minute walk away.

Lying unconscious on the street

What happens next is a blur in her memory. She suddenly loses consciousness and comes to lying on the street, surrounded by people debating what to do. There's a man who says he known her and will bring her home in a taxi – then, blackout.

Naked next to a stranger

Hours later she comes to next to a man she doesn't know – she's naked. Later she
said that she was incredibly scared then, but somehow relieved that he was relatively good-looking. He won't let her leave and acts as if they were lovers. She runs out onto the street and called her mother, who comes to get her.

Confusion and blackout

Lisa is completely confused and doesn't know what happened that night, but realises that she's had unprotected sex. No injuries can be found by the gynaecologist she sees the following Monday, i.e. roughly 48 hours later.

Investigation dropped due to lack of evidence

It takes her a few days to decide to go to the police. She knows the man's address. It turns out that he was at the same party that weekend. Despite the 28-year-old's long criminal record –drug offences, violent assault, bodily injury – the investigation is dropped, since it cannot be proven that, contrary to what he says, Lisa didn't willingly go with him.

Paying for a hair analysis out of her own pocket

At this point, the use of date rape drugs can only be proven via an expensive hair
analysis, which she would have to pay for fro her own pocket. Lisa is exhausted and worn down. She herself doesn't even understand what happened; she just wants to forget about the whole thing and focus on her education.