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Your friend needs your help and support if she suspects that she's been raped under date rape drugs. Be there for her, even if she calls you in the middle of the night.

She probably won't yet be able to think clearly and make decisions if she's calling you immediately after it happened. This is why it's all the more important that you be at her side and take the necessary next steps with her.

The section “first aid” provides information about what to do in case of

Be there for your friend in case of emergency

These are exceptional circumstances that your friend is in right now, and she is likely under shock. She needs you now – go be with her as soon as possible if she calls you. Make sure that, if she wants, someone she trusts is at her side.

Go along with her if she wants to go to the police, to a doctor or to the emergency room. She might still be confused and unable to make decisions right now. Always let her know what measures you are taking and get her permission to do so.

Listening and sympathy

Even if the memory of what exactly happened is vague or fragmented, being raped under the influence of date rape drugs is traumatic. It's precisely the fragmented memory that weighs heavily on their minds and can cause them to feel ashamed or blame themselves.

Your friend might feel unlike herself for weeks or even months. She may be scared, restless, tense, feel numb and/or have nightmares or trouble sleeping. Given the circumstances, this is not unusual. It's important that she is in an environment where she feels safe, taken care of and among people she trusts.

Be there for her and listen. Don't pressure her to “get over it”.

Professionals can help

Encourage your friend to seek professional support if she has a hard time coping on her own. For this she can go to a women's counselling centre or call a women's helpline, for example. Nobody will question her credibility here; they will believe her on principle. These centres and helplines offer psychological support for victims of violence. They know about date rape drugs and also offer support in dealing with doctors or with the police. They can also put her in touch with experienced female lawyers.