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It's not only women and girls who can become victims of date rape drugs, men are also at risk. Often they are drugged and then robbed, but men can also be raped. Men can also be victims of date rape drugs.

Date rape drugs in the gay scene

Gay non-profit initiatives report an increase in cases of robberies and rapes under date rape drugs. What looks like flirting at first can end with a blackout, robbery, and in some cases also sexual assault. In some cases, male sex workers drug their johns so that they can rob them. Victims have no recollection or trouble remembering what happened, and often don't contact the police out of shame or guilt.

Date rape drugs can be lethal for people on HIV medication – in this case, even a small amount of date rape drugs amplifies their effects and can cause loss of consciousness and life-threatening respiratory arrest.

Help and counselling for men

Most counselling services for victims of date rape drugs are for women and girls. Men can find help and support here:

Maneo – the gay anti-violence initiative in Berlin:

Opferhilfe Berlin – help for victims of crime in Berlin:

Pro familia Berlin or Familienplanungszentrum Balance, for example, offer counselling and support for men in crisis situations.