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Anika, Danish tourist

Anika is from Denmark and often spends weekends in Berlin staying with friends.
Because her German isn't very good, she prefers to speak English.

A night at a bar

That evening she meets a friend at a bar in Berlin's Mitte district. They drink cocktails at the bar. He goes to have a dance in the dance floor, and when comes back after half an hour, Anika is nowhere to be found. He is puzzled, waits for her for a while and then finds her bag under the bar. The bartender says he thinks he saw Anika leave with another patron.

Night in the drunk cell

Police find Anika in another district, Pankow, around 4 am – about six km from the bar in Mitte. She is soaked, dirty, covered in cuts. Thinking Anika is drunk, the policemen put her in a drunk cell to sober up – she isn't given the opportunity to see a doctor nor to have a translator and her German is not good enough for her to explain what happened. Several hours pass before she is released.

Avoiding pressing charges

She's afraid the police won't believe her if she presses charges, so she doesn't get
back in touch with the police. Usually she's a very reasonable person – she would
never just leave with someone she just met at a bar...