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8 things to do in an emergency

  1. Call the emergency number 112.
  2. Call an emergency doctor immediately if the victim is unconscious or not responsive – the victim's life might be in danger.
  3. Check respiration and pulse. If necessary, place the person in the recovery position.
    In case of respiratory or cardiac arrest, apply CPR until the emergency doctor arrives.
  4. If party drugs are mentioned when placing the emergency call, the police might come along. If the emergency doctor learns about a possible party drug consumption in person, s/he is strictly bound by medical confidentiality.
  5. In cases of physical violence: don't hesitate to call the police (110); they can arrange for an immediate examination at a hospital in order to gather evidence.
  6. You can call emergency numbers from your mobile phone even if you're out of credit.
  7. If you suspect foul play but don't (yet) want to report to the police, the Institute for Forensic Medicine of the Charité hospital (Institut für Rechtsmedizin der Charité) can, for a fee, test blood and urine for date rape drugs.
  8. Since these drugs can be traced in the body for only up to 12 hours after ingestion, it is advisable to keep urine in a clean container in the fridge in order to get it tested later.